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VWM : Todo

The items on this list are in no particular order.  If you are a developer and would like to implement one of these features, please feel free.  However, it would be greatly appreciated if you would follow the contributions guidelines mentioned in the FAQ.

Create hotkeys for window resizing.

Port to FreeBSD and variants (requires libpseudo and libviper be ported also).

Add password mechanism to screensaver.

Fix the bug in Ptyterm which causes some curses programs not to clear-to-end-of-screen correctly.

Fix the bug in Ptyterm which causes the first line of 'top' to be truncated.

Fix the bug which causes 'htop' to abort when the mouse is not available. This may be a bug which has to be fixed by the htop developers.  Not sure yet who is responsible for this one.

Creating a menu item for loading/saving the configurations.

Basic copy and paste support for Ptyterm.

Add a scrollback buffer to Ptyterm.  The foundation for this feature is already there. Ptyterm already maintains two display buffers (one for normal applications like 'ls' and one that acts as a canvas for curses based applications).  In order to implement this a ring-buffer and some logic would need to be added to the "normal" buffer.

Develop a plugin audio player using gstreamer which can be used as the framework for a Linsanity audio test.

Handle the output from 'Finch' better in Ptyterm.

Fix annoying screensaver exit Z-order bug.

Pass mouse events to programs running in Ptyterm.