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VWM : About

Viper Window Manager (VWM) is a lightweight, extensible window manager for the console. Originally, VWM was designed to be the reference implementation of libviper. In fact, the two projects were initially one before public release.

From conception, VWM was designed to be both lightweight and ssh friendly. Character based line-art compresses very well as do the escape sequences which handle cursor manipulation. This makes VWM quite suitable for low-bandwidth, remote connectivity over ssh.

It is also very easy to extend the functionality of VWM. By following a few simple API rules, anyone can create a “native application” which will appear on the VWM Main Menu. The mechanism for this is very similar to Mozilla-style plugins.

VWM : About : Mouse

VWM was designed to be completely functional with only the keyboard. However, optional support is provided for those systems running GPM (sorry no sysmouse support yet).

VWM : About : Plugins

VWM comes with two plugins and a built-in screensaver. Although VWM is not a multi-threaded application, it mimics the feel by using a tightly throttled callback queue and inter-process messaging (provided by libpseudo).

VWM : About : Plugins : Sysmon

Sysmon is a tool for monitoring basic system resources such as CPU usage and memory usage. It uses libgtop2 for detecting resources and is optional for installation.

VWM : About : Plugins : Ptyterm

Ptyterm is a terminal emulator which allows you to run all of those great command line tools. As with all plugins, this too is optional for install, but you will almost always want to install it.